Saturday, May 9, 2009

From Uncle chris

A Prayer for Emma Rose

Dear Loving God,

Thank you for the gift of life you gave to sweet Emma Rose. Although you cause us to question your true love for us left here without her by allowing that life to so quickly leave us, please give us the comfort and faith to know that Emma Rose’s short life will give those of us surviving the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and provide us with experiences that because of her life with us will mold us into better, stronger, closer, faithful and more loving creations.
Now, we can only see a few of the gifts you allowed her to give to us. As the years pass, may more reveal themselves:
--She has given a young mother the incredible strength and resolve that she did not believe she had to allow her to make a decision for an unborn child’s life that made Emma Rose’s time with us possible.
--She forced a young father to stand up and come face to face, confront, and overcome adversity, when in the past he would have turned away.
--She has strengthened the bond of a betrothed couple and has brought them closer in love.
--She has shown a teenage sister the true precariousness of life and a deeper appreciation and respect for the true miracle of life.
--She has given young nieces and nephews memories of a cousin they will have forever.
--She has brought aunts and uncles closer together to further strengthen the bonds of their extended families.
--She has given grandparents the opportunity to love and care for a grandchild that will forever be their most special.
--She has given an infant brother no solid memories he himself will recall, but from others, knowledge that will strengthen him as he get older that he has a sibling looking over him from Heaven.
--You, most importantly, gave a young infant a few short moments of tangible LIFE, where she could feel the love of a mother’s touch, the sweet taste of warm milk in her mouth, the warmth and brightness of the afternoon sun on her face, and the breath of cool morning air that filled her lungs. She can be with you in Heaven now in pure happiness having experienced it here with us.

Dear God, Bless those of us that remain knowing that despite the sadness we experience at times such as now, you love us so much that you gave your only Son to die for us and our sins. Please give us the faith to know that you will continue to be with us, to create Light out of this moment of Darkness, and that you will strengthen us, guide us, and comfort us as we must continue on without Emma Rose.

In your name we pray,

Uncle Chris