Thursday, April 30, 2009

From Grandma and Poppy

Dear Emma,

It was great to finally meet you. You are so tiny and so beautiful. I wish I had more time to spend with you. Time to hold you and cuddle you and sing you more songs. You are so loved little one by so many. Poppy put your cradle together and it looked so comfy. You have an extra special mommy and daddy, big sister and brother. I miss you baby girl. Poppy and I wish we lived closer to see you more often. Bye for now; love and kisses......

Grandma and Poppy

Saturday, April 25, 2009

From "Original Aunt Laurie"

Hi little Emma, You are with me so constantly in my heart and mind. My tears stain a lot of things here, I wish I could hold you, and I am glad my little blanket can warm you. You are a miracle little one and you are reminding us we are all miracles from God. We will never be the same because of you, love "the Original Aunt Laurie"

Friday, April 24, 2009

From Auntie Laurie

Hi Sweet Pea! I loved Meema's last post. It said it all. I too am sorry I dampened you with my tears. You didn't seem to mind. I even got a few smiles out of your beautiful self.
It hurts to see you struggling. It hurts to see your parents giving all the strength they can muster to be strong for you. It hurts knowing that the hugs and kisses you're getting from brother Joshua will not go on forever. It hurts knowing that one day i won't be able to cradle you in my arms and shower you with kisses. It hurts my heart in a way i could've never imagined was possible.
I long for understanding of this. Perhaps i just got a glimpse. As i'm typing this at work, with tears streaming down my face, the song "I can only imagine" came on. A song about meeting jesus. I believe with all my heart that god sends us messages.
Just remember what Auntie told you this morning....when you do meet God poke him for auntie with your long pointed index finger on your left hand. Auntie needs a good poke from God.
I love you with all of my heart! As always...endless smoochies & huggies!!
Auntie Laurie

Thursday, April 23, 2009

From Aunt Jenny

Dear Emma,
Today you are 3 weeks old! What a gift you are and what a fighter. We are all so proud of you and love you so much. Your Daddy told me that you started taking lasix today because one of your nurses heard fluid in your lungs. I hope it helps you breath easier little girl. Keep fighting and we will all continue to treasure every minute that we have with you.
Love, Aunt Jenny and cousin Abby

From Meema & Da

You are such an oh so special gift to us. Just to hold you and feel your
warmness and hear your sweet little baby sounds is such content. I'm sorry that
we dampen your blanket with tears but it is only because we have loved you so
much from the minute your daddy first told us mommy was having another baby and
you were a little girl. Someday we will understand this but for now we can only
take every second we have with you and store them up for our special memories in
our hearts. Sleep well tonight little one, see you in the morning. All our
love, Meema and Da

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From "Original Aunt Laurie"

Hi there little girl. Today I had a hard day, I made plans to go to the hospital to get my x rays and then went into a panic attack, finally realized, it was the time of the day when my accident happened, I would be headed toward the same destination on the same route. Obviously I didn't go then, but did later,allowing someone to drive and we went the route. I did it, but am drained. Then I come home and here are these beautiful pictures, you give me such hope. How precious to have your little brother holding your hand. Everyone loves you so much , every one I meet, I tell them about you and they are praying hard. Keep on little one, Love "OL" the original Aunt Laurie

From Auntie Laurie

Hi sweet pea!! You had another doctors appointment today and are continuing to astound and amaze everyone!! You've grown one inch and gained 9 ounces!! That's my girl!! I love you sooo much!!! Meema sent me these pictures. She said they'd make me cry and indeed they did. Your mommy took them while they were on the way to drop your big brother Josh off at school on the way to your appointment today. Meema said your mommy looked over and he had grabbed and was holding your hand. That's what big brothers are for...looking after their baby sisters! He loves you soooo much and I know you love him right back. I could go on and on about your mommy and daddy, but words can't even come close to describing the love they have for you and the insurmountable strength they possess. I love them both dearly. I may have told you this before...but your Daddy is my baby brother. Big sisters look after their baby brothers too!
Tons of smoochies and huggies!!
I Love You!!
Auntie Laurie

Sunday, April 19, 2009

From Great Aunt Debbie and Great Uncle Terry

When Great Uncle Terry and I moved into our house, there is a tree at the end of our driveway where half the trunk had decayed away. Since the leaves were lush and families of birds were living there, we would could not take it down.

We were going to take it down the following spring before it had new birds living there. There is a lot of yard work to do here and by the time we took a look at the tree it was in full foliage and birds.

Uncle Terry and I stood back and decided as long as the tree had leaves we would never take down the tree. That was 8 years ago.

Last fall I took these pictures, figuring there is no way this tree would survive another winter, the snow plows throwing road salt and stones so close to it. I walked out to the tree yesterday and sure enough there are buds waiting to burst through. We're expecting close to 70 degree weather today so we may have leaves by this evening.

Emma Rose, you are like this tree. You have beat all odds of surviving, yet you continue to thrive. There have been many times when I pass this tree, I think "How can this be?"

Always in our prayers,
Uncle Terry and Aunt Debbie

From Meema & Da

Hi Emma or our sweet Little Miss. You continue to surprise us all with your progress but then maybe we shouldn't be surprised with all the people that are praying for you. My day is complete when I get to stop by and hold you. You have such sweet mannerisms and are such a snuggler. Your mom says you got to go outside for a walk and feel the warm breezes on your face. Hopefully the sunny days will soon be here to stay. I can't believe how much you are growing. Your tiny clothes will soon be too small. Big brother Josh realizes that you are now here and wants to play with you. Unfortunately he can be a little rough but he really loves you. He is such a cutie and has the most wonderful smile. You've blessed us with a sweet almost smile and your beautiful eyes just sparkle as you look around. We are so glad you are in our world Emma Rose, our precious Little Miss. With much love, Meema and Da

Monday, April 13, 2009

From Meema

Hi Little Miss, Your mommy tells me you don't much care for your bath. I bet you would soon love it as much as Josh does. You were all done with your bath, wrapped snug as can be and looking very content when I saw you in daddy's cradle with all your animals around you. You take up a very tiny part of the cradle. Looks like a perfect place to snuggle too. I didn't get to cuddle you either because I had to leave quickly. I was in such a hurry to get to see you I forgot to do something important -- like go pick up our income taxes. Oops. Fortunately I was at your house and not over here across the river so it didn't take too long to back track.

Tomorrow I can see you longer. I'll bring you your cap for the day. Love you so much Little Miss. You certainly bring the smiles to our faces. xo Meema

Sunday, April 12, 2009

From "Original Aunt Laurie"

Happy Easter Little one. Today I thought of a story my bishop likes to tell. It is about a family welcoming a second child , a little girl home to join her 3 year old big brother. They wondered how he would respond to her. Soon after they found him in the nursery, on tip toes looking into bassinet and saying, "Tell me about God, I keep forgetting."
I bet you can tell us so much about God, Emma Rose, you all ready have by showing us much God loves us all. Love Great Aunt Laurie, "The Original Aunt Laurie"

Saturday, April 11, 2009

From Meema & Da

You gave us a little scare yesterday. But you have so many wonderful people taking care of you that things were soon settled. It must have been funny to see your nurse come roaring up on her Harley. You see, everyone cares so much for you and your family. There aren't enough hours in the day for everyone that wants to hold you to do so. And you are learning to like to snuggle. You make the sweetest little baby sounds.

It's Easter weekend, the time when God gave us his greatest gift. We are praying for another miracle this Easter Sunday. He gave us our Easter basket a little early this year and guess what? You were in it!!!! Praying for healing this season - most especially for you but also for the rest of us as well. We love you little one, Meema and Da

Friday, April 10, 2009

From Auntie Laurie

Hi Sweet Pea!!! It's Auntie Laurie's bday day today. It'll always be my favorite bday (shhh...don't tell anyone, i'm 41!) because you here to share it with me. And your bday is only eight days before mine! You are an Aries. Just like Auntie Laurie. I'm with your cousins Christopher & Erin and Uncle Chris visiting grandad in Tampa. Words can not convey how much I long to look into your blue eyes, snuggle you and smell your precious scent, and plant kisses on your beautiful face. I miss you sooo much. But you know what? All i have to do is close my eyes and i can feel you, see you, and smell you....always and forever.
Auntie loves you Sweet Pea...smoochies and huggies!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Meema & Da

Sweet little one, another day and another gift to us. Just to stand and look at you is such a miracle. I can't believe that you are such a precious Easter gift to us. I wanted to tell you that I have two new heroes. Your Mom and Dad are two of the most special people in this world. They love you so much and are giving you absolutely the best care you could receive. I should take picture of them when they are with you. You can see the love in their eyes. We are all so grateful of the gift of time we have been blessed with. You are such a fighter and have passed that on to us. All our prayers are for a special Easter miracle that our time with you can be extended.

Baby Josh who by now should be called Toddler Josh is walking now and doing his best to keep your parents busy. He knows how much they love you and works to put smiles on their faces. You will love him and he will be your biggest champion. Nobody will mess with his Emma. Big Sister Sam loves you too. She's a teenager - that's a life phase we all go through and it's not the easiest but we know she is worried about you and your mom and dad and loves you so much. You are so tiny, that I think you scare her alittle.

Baby girl. We love you so. I know you can feel that you are wrapped in all this love cause sometimes I see a little smile on your face. You are our baby and God's too. And we can feel his caring on us all.

Hope you have a good night tonight and that means mommy and daddy too. See you tomorrow. Love and kisses to our little one. Meema and Da.

From "Original Aunt Laurie"

Dear Little Emma! So long we have all waited for you to be with us and here you are now a week old! Haven't you always been here? I wish I could be there to have my turn holding you. I use to love to hold your daddy when he was a baby, he had the sweetest smile. I am so happy you like to snuggle in your blanket, I just wanted some way to be there, and I knew you had to have your own special blankie. Take care little one , we are sending lots of prayers and kisses to all of you. Love, 'The Original Aunt Laurie"

From Great Aunt Debbie and Great Uncle Terry

I see your pictures and cannot believe how perfect you are. I am amazed by how strong you are. Your Meema, Da, Aunt Laurie, Aunt Jenny keep all of us so far away of your miracles. I hope to meet you face to face very soon. Know that your Great Uncle Terry and Great Aunt Debbie pray for you and your Mommy and Daddy everyday. A candle will be lit for you at the Easter Vigil (Saturday night) and Easter Sunday serices.

Uncle Terry and Aunt Debbie

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Emma from Aunt Jenny

Dear Emma,
Today you are one week old. You continue to touch and amaze so many people with your courage and strength. You have a plan and a purpose that only you and God know. And you have so many people that love you and are praying for you. My birthday wish for you is that you feel nothing but the love that surrounds you while you continue to give us all the gift of time. You are so special little girl and we are all so blessed to have you in our world.
Love, Aunt Jenny and cousin Abby

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From Great Aunt Carolyn

Dear Emma Rose,

What a blessing God has given to your family in your arrival. I am so happy to hear you arrived safely and how brave you have been. You are such a beautiful precious child. You and your mommy have been in your Great Aunt Carolyn and Great Uncle Gene's prayers and our Sunday School class has been and continues to pray for you.

I'm your mommy's aunt and your Grandma Mary's sister that lives in Grayson, Georgia. That's about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. We haven't had the opportunity to see your mommy in quite a while but we're always asking your Grandma Mary about her. Reading all these messages about your mommy and daddy are beautiful and makes me want to see them even more.

Little one you are loved. Oh, how I praise God that He is giving you time to spend with your family. God bless you child.

With great love and admiration,
Great Aunt Carolyn

Monday, April 6, 2009

From Uncle Rick, Aunt Sharla, and cousin Hayley

Dear Emma,

We are so happy to have been there when you were born. We just want to tell you how much we all love you. You are a precious little girl. You have the greatest mommy and daddy in the world. We are in total awe of both of them. They love you so much and so do we. You are such a blessing to us all. You are the strongest little girl we have ever met. Even though we had to come back home to WV, you remain in our hearts. We will always cherish the time we were able to spend with you while we were in VA. Please know that we love you very much!!!!

Love Always,
Uncle Rick, Aunt Sharla, and cousin Hayley

From Meema & Da

Oh my sweet one. At last we have a teeny little person to hold and love on. You were brought into this world surrouned by the love of so many people. The tears were flowing as your cries accompanied your birth. Oh so many prayers were answered. I think that in additiion to all the family members, there were extra people from the hospital in the room to see our little miracle. The joy on your mommy's face was radiant. I feel so blessed to have been able to baptize you.

Your first couple of days you didn't spend much time in the bassinet. We all wanted our turn to cuddle with you. And when you did make it to the bassinet, we all kept our eyes on you. You are a beautiful little person.
We don't know what plans God has in mind for you, but you have already blessed us all just with your presence. Now we have you home with your mommy and daddy and big brother Baby Josh. Welcome, Miss Emma Rose. We are so glad to see you at last. With more love than anyone can imagine, Meema and Da

Sunday, April 5, 2009

From Aunt Jenny

Dear Emma,

What a strong and couragious little one you are. You have exceeded all of our expectations and then some. We have been so blessed to have this special time with you. Your Mommy and Daddy are pretty strong and couragious as well. They (as we do!) love you so very much. They know your future is uncertain but they go on. It is so wonderful that you are able to get to know this special family that you are a part of. You are small but you are mighty. Your little spirit rings out strong. How lucky are we , your extended family, to be able to share even a piece of that spirit. We all love you so much and hope you can stay as long as you are able. Each moment is so precious. You are truly a gift and one that we will all treasure for ever and ever and ever.

With much LOVE and AWE,
Aunt Jenny

From Grandad

Hey Emma…

Welcome to our world kiddo. Oh my …you are incredible. Be seeing you soon little one. Love Grand Dad

Thursday, April 2, 2009

From Cousin Sarah

dear one,

in the wee hours of this day on which you will likely be born at last,
a mommy and baby girl in your extended family are rocking and thinking
of you, and your strong, strong mommy, deeply loving daddy and sister
and brother.

you are loved.
cousin sarah

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

From Aunt Jenny

Dear Emma Rose, I write this on what very well may be your Birthday. Today everything changes. We have all waited so long for your arrival. Now that it is finally here there are so many emotions swirling about. We are all so proud of you sweet girl. How can someone do as much as you have in such a short while? You have hung in there like a champion. You have overcome many challenges as you grew inside your Mommy's tummy. You have shown us that you are a fighter. You have filled all of our hearts with so much love. Your presence has been felt by us all. You are our niece, daughter, grand-daughter, great grand-daughter, cousin, sister, friend, and someday our guardian angel. Most of all Emma Rose, you are a part of all of us and you will always be surrounded by our love. We don't yet know God's plan for you but we do know that what ever it is little girl you will do it well. Safe passage little one. Good things are waiting for you both here and in heaven......

Love always, Aunt Jenny and cousin Abby