Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From "Original Aunt Laurie"

Dear little Emma Rose! I never knew how one little girl could be so strong to bring so many together! You are loved beyond measure, I do not, we do understand God's ways, all we know is God does have a plan for us all and you are loved. One of my favorite scriptures is from Isaiah 43," Behold, I have called you by name, you are mine and you are loved. " We love you little one. Love Great Aunt Laurie

From Great Aunt Debbie and Great Uncle Terry

Dear Emma Rose,

As you prepare to enter our world, know that you have already entered our hearts. God Bless you little one.

Great Aunt Debbie and Great Uncle Terry

From Meema & Da

Sweet Emma Rose, your journey is coming to an end. While you've been safe and secure in your mommy's tummy, so very many people have come to know you and love you. They think so much of your parents.Just because of you, we have met some very special people. And we have met some that weren't so great but we even learned things from those meetings. God had his reasons for blessing us with you. We promise to live up to His expectations.

Mommy had her last checkup yesterday and everything was great. She's had some very wonderful people taking care of her and of you. So now, it's almost time. Tomorrow evening we are all going to the hospital and and focus all our love on you and your mommy as she works to birth you. May our love cushion your journey. We know you will be so beautiful. Forgive us all our tears. They are only because we love you.

Aunt Kelli is flying up from Atlanta tomorrow and will be at the hospital with all of us. She is super special and we are so glad she can be there too. Auntie Laurie is staying with Baby Josh tomorrow night but she will be up to greet you Thursday morning. The same with Aunt Jenny. She can't wait to meet you either.

Haven't told you much about your Da yet. Cousin Jake named him that (he could do that because he was the first grandbaby and had that priviledge). He always called him Da and we thought it was perfect because that is the word for Grandfather and father in Ireland and he is pretty Irish - with a little Polish in there too. Your whole family is pretty multinational!!! Anyway, Da is a heart doctor and he has watched over you the whole time to make sure everyone has given you the best care they can. He is so good to all of us and has so much love for you too.

You've got alot of cousins. Cousins are the children of your daddy's brothers and sisters (an he has a bunch of those too). Christopher came first to Auntie Laurie and Uncle Chris. He's a great guy, 12 yrs old now. He plays Lacrosse and he is tough, you wouldn't want to mess with him on the field. We call him Jake for his middle name Jacob.
Next came his sister Erin. We call her Sissie or monkey. She's 10. She's a great artist and a very caring little girl. Next came Virginia. Aunt Kelli and Uncle Trey are her parents. They live in Atlanta. Virginia is 8. She is another great artist. Her brothers are Jack and Zach (Zachary Hugh named after Da). They are 6 and 3. You are part of a very athletic family. Everyone has played one or more sports and excelled. Especially your daddy. I remember that when he found out you were going to be a girl, he said he would have you out practicing golf swings as soon as you could walk. Abigail Ping Lee is your last cousin. She is two. Last year Meema and Da went to China with Aunt Jenny to bring her home. We can already tell we have another athlete in the family thru her antics. Your baby brother Josh is one today. He's pretty good at catching and throwing a ball already. And your big sister Sam is super fast on the field hocky field. Uncle Hughie is daddy's brother too. He and Aunt Elizabeth have four legged kids, Buster and Mousse. You'd love them too. We have lots of pets for you to love. There's Porsche, Killy, Petie and Nikki. Plus two cats Cassie and Quackers. There's about as many pets as cousins to play with. But I bet you already know this.

Mrs. Murphy, meema's friend, called this am to let us know that you and your daddy and mommy are in their hearts and they are praying for you as well. See little one, so very, very many people already know and love you. You are such an extra special little girl.

So, until tomorrow when we all get to meet you, we love you and can't wait to say "welcome to the family and the world, little angel. Meema and Da

Monday, March 30, 2009

From G.G. Aunt Linda

Dear Emma Rose,
Sweet child, I pray for you so often. I read once, "Let me do
today what the angels do in Heaven." Now, I say that and
remember you may soon be one of those angels. You are
surrounded by love and will be surrounded by unbelievable
love once there. Jesus' Mother Mary will take care of you
until you are reunited with your human Mommy. I believe.
There are so many people who have been praying for you
in my Church, little one, ever since I've known about you.
In some way it has helped you and your Mom, Dad, your
brother Joshua, all your Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and
cousins and so many friends who just love you & them so
much. Your Mommy & Daddy have been very brave for you.
May the grace of God, the love of Jesus, and the Power of
the Holy Spirit bring peace and healing to the dear hearts
who love Emma Rose, who will rest in the Lord's perfect light for special babies one day.
Very much love & wishes to hug and kiss your little self,
G.G. Aunt Linda

Sunday, March 22, 2009

From Meema & Da

Precious Emma Rose, Tomorrow your mommy and I are going to Portsmouth for another check up. All of a sudden we are so close to meeting you. In some ways we can't wait to see your sweet face and hold you ever so close. And then, there are other ways in which we wish it wasn't happening so soon. You see, now we are linked to you so closely. We can see you move in your mommy's tummy. We've seen you on the ultrasounds. We feel like we already know you so well. Your mommy has taken such good care of you and your daddy has been right there beside her, loving her and you both. It's been a magic time for everyone. A time filled with so much love, hope and caring. You've already had such a big presence in our lives. And we know that in the future you will as well, our own special little guardian angel. Our love will have to go a little farther to reach you but it will because we will always be sending it your way and I know that everytime a see a new flower or watch a bouncing little sunbeam that it will be a part of you. We love you little one. Meema and Da

Saturday, March 21, 2009

From Auntie Laurie

Hi Sweetpea. It's a crazy mixed up world the rest of us live in. but you don't know that. Lots of people having big problems. But you don't know that. Bad things are happening even as i type this all around the world. But you don't know that. Sad things that just don't make any sense. Like what i found out today. A sweet young girl, who always had a smile and conversation for everyone, that works at the grocery store next door to where i work was hit by two cars while walking home from work at 10:30pm. A sweet young girl who walked four miles to and from work coming from and going to her foster grandmother's home. But you don't know that.

You don't know that because you have a very special, strong mommy who loves you very, very much. You see, she decided that she was going to protect you and keep you safe for as long as she possibly could. And she's done just that. What you know is that you're loved and happy inside your mommy's tummy. You know your Daddy's a funny guy that's always around and that, despite his gruff exterior, has a heart the size of a giant that is already full of love for you. You know you have a big sister who is growing up quickly and has a very active life, but also loves you very much. You know you have a big brother who, although he isn't even a year yet, knows you and shares a special bond with you. You sleep with him when he's laying on your mommy's belly...a lot. I'm sure he's felt you moving around just as you have felt him doing the same. And I know for certain you've heard him babbling because he's pretty loud. He loves you too in a way that only he and you know. You know you have a big family who also loves you very much and pray for you daily. You know you're a special blessing to all of us! And that's all you need to know sweetpea...
I love you very much. ((((((((hugs)))))))) and smoochies!
Auntie Laurie

From Me Me and Grand Dad

Dear Emma Rose,

Emma Rose – what a beautiful name.

You don’t know us Emma but we already know you. And this is what we know…

We know that you are loved by all who know your name. We know that all of us keep you in our daily prayers. We know you have a baby brother named Josh - another one of our Grand Children – just the same as you. And we know your Mommy and Daddy - your Daddy more so because, you see, Grand Dad is your Daddy’s father. Emma, we know that you are one tough little girl and we will meet you soon. And more than anything, we know that we pray for you every day.

Emma Rose we know we will forever cherish every memory of you and will hold you in our hearts forever...

Emma Rose – what a beautiful baby.

Love you Emma,

Me Me and Grand Dad

From "Original Aunt Laurie"

Dear Little One, Today I have been playing with Anna all afternoon while her mommy rests. We have talked a lot about heaven. It makes me think of you and how much you are loved, you are so special to us all, Love Original Aunt Laurie

From Meema & Da

Hi sweet baby!! I can just picture you in my heart. Such a sweet little face with rosebud lips and teeny tiny hands and feet. I long to hold you so much. I am sure we will have learned so many lessons with your coming but right now we are focusing on welcoming you and pouring all our love into you. You have no idea of how many people are in your family just waiting to say I love you. Your mommy and daddy have been making the necessary plans for you. It's been hard for them but they love you so much they want everything perfect. And it will be. Angels are with you now and will be forever. All our peace and love, Meema and Da

From Aunt Jenny

Oh Sweet Girl, I wish.........Oh how I wish..... Love you so much! Aunt Jenny

Friday, March 20, 2009

From "Original Aunt Laurie"

Hi Emma, I think of you every day and talk with people about you. I am glad your mommy liked the blanket I made you, I wanted you to have something soft and warm. Today I am especially sad because a friend of mine just lost her little angel. She was loved just as you are every day. Emma, you are part of a large family that has ben through a lot of hard times, but in spite of it all we have managed to hold on to each other and love each other, it was so easy to bring you into that circle! You are so loved by so many people little one and we are grateful for your presence and gift to us, Love The original Aunt Laurie

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From Aunt Jenny and Abby

These are My Footprints
author unknown

These are my footprints, so perfect and so small. These tiny footprints, never touched the ground at all.

Not one tiny footprint, for now I have my wings. These tiny footprints were meant for other things.

You will hear my tiny footprints, in the patter of the rain. Gentle drops like angels’ tears, of joy and not from pain.

You will see my tiny footprints, in each butterflies' lazy dance. I'll let you know I'm with you, if you give me just a chance.

You will see my tiny footprints, in the rustle of the leaves. I will whisper names into the wind, and call each one that grieves.

Most of all, these tiny footprints, are found in mummy's heart, cause even though I'm gone now, we'll never truly part.

From Aunt Jenny

A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam
And for a brief moment its glory
and beauty belong to our world
But then it flies again
And though we wish it could have stayed...
We feel lucky to have seen it.
Author Unknown

From Aunt Jenny & cousin Abba

Little Emma as you prepare for your soon to be birth reality is sinking in for me now, All this time you have been safe and warm in your Mommy's tummy and growing, kicking/ moving around proving that you are alive in there. It's been so easy to only think of the now and not of what the future may hold. I am a firm believer that God has a plan for everyone but I have to say (just between you and me) that I am having a hard time understanding yours. You have such a wonderful family waiting for you. We are so proud of you for being so strong and staying with your Mommy for as long as you have. She wants so badly to meet you. Your Mommy is both amazing and strong. I stand in awe of her. She carries you in her warm embrace each and every day. She treasures every minute of your life She carries on each day caring for your big brother Josh and your sister Sam and of course your Daddy. She does this all the while knowing of the uncertainty that will soon be faced. Your Daddy is pretty wonderful too. He is a great Daddy and will be for you too where ever you are.

So little Emma Rose there are not words enough to express to you how special you are. You are doing your best to survive and that is all that you can do. The cloud of love and warmth that surrounds you right now will only grow bigger once you emerge. And it will remain with you where ever you are. Just know that sweet girl.

With much love and prayers, Aunt Jenny and cousin Abba

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

From Aunt Debbie

Dear Emma,
You indeed have a wonderful, loving family. Every day I think about the people who will surround you, your mom and your dad. Sam and Josh, all the cousins, aunts/uncles, great aunts/uncles, grandparents and doctors. I say a prayer each day for all who love you, "I'm thinking about you and if today isn't going well, may tomorrow be better." I do believe in miracles, you have already proved they exist.

Aunt Debbie

From Aunt Jenny

Please Don't Tell Them You Never Got
To Know Me
Written by Pat Schwiebert

It is I whose kicks you will always remember,
I who gave you heartburn that a dragon would envy,
I who couldn't seem to tell time and got your days and nights mixed up,
It is I who ackowledged your cravings for peach ice cream by knocking on the bowl of your belly,
I who went shopping and helped you pick out the "perfect" teddy bear for me
I who liked to be cradled in your belly and rocked off to a dreamy slumber by the fire.
It is I who never had a doubt about your love,
It is I who was able to put a lifetime of joy into a instant.

From Aunt Jenny

I thought of you all, I closed my eyes
and prayed to God today.

I asked what makes a Mother
and I know I heard him say,
A Mother has a baby.
This we know is true.

But God can you be a Mother
when your baby's not with you?

"Yes you can!", He replied
with confidence in His voice,
"I give many women babies,
when they leave is not their choice."

Some I send for a lifetime
and others for a day.
And some I send to feel your womb
but there's no need to stay.

I don't undersand this God,
I want my baby here.

He took a breath and cleared his throat
and then I saw a tear.
I wish I could show you
what your child is doing today.

If you could see your child smile
with other children and say,

"We go to earth to learn our lessons
of love and life and fear.
My mommy loved me oh so much
I got to come straight here.
I feel so lucky to have a Mom
who had so much love for me
I learned my lesson very quick.
My mommy set me free.
I miss my mommy oh so much
but I visit her each day.
When she goes to sleep
on her pillow's where I lay.
I stroke her hair and kiss her cheeek
and whisper in her ear,
mommy don't be sad today
I'm your baby and I'm here."

So you see
my dear sweet one,
your children are OK.

Your babies are here in my home
and this is where they'll stay.

they'll wait for you with me
until your lesson is through.
And on that day that you come home
they'll be at the gates for you.

So now you see what makes a mother.
It's the feeling in your heart.
It's the love you has so much of
right from the start.

Though some on earth may not realize
that you are a Mother until their time is done,
they'll be up here with me one day
and know you're the best one.

Written with love
for all Mother's missing their baby.
-Author Jennifer Wasik

Monday, March 9, 2009

From Meema & Da

Hi sweet girl! Your mom and I went for her check up today. Last week we saw your ultrasound. We could see your face - so precious. It seemed like your eyes were wide open and were looking back at us. We all want so much to get to see those eyes open and get to hold you in our arms. For such a little one you've performed some mighty things already. You are imprinted on all our hearts. I told you about your dad and I would like to say a little about your mom. We haven't known her for very long, but the first time your daddy brought her home to us we just knew she was the person he was needing for so long. She has accepted this crazy family just as we are and is learning that she is truly a part of it. I've been lucky enough to get to go to doctors appointments with her and we get to talk on the long ride over and back. I'm truly in awe of her. She is a very strong person and seems to cope with just anything. She's made some pretty difficult decisions about you but they were ones that she knew were in your best interest. I just like being with her. And I am grateful that she is sharing this experience with us. You will be so much a part of everyone of us forever. I'm so glad that she is in our family and you don't have to worry, we all love her very much. Not much longer, baby Emma Rose and we get to meet you. Our love, Meema and Da.

From "Original Aunt Laurie"

Dear Emma, We are thinking of you every day along with Mama, Daddy, brother and sister! Erin says things so well, I do not understand at all why things are the way they are sometimes. I do know, you are so LOVED. I learned something from a friend of mine in the hospital, that I keep saying so I remember, "Everything will be ok in the end, if it's not ok, it's not the end."

Love You Little one, "Original Aunt Laurie"

From Albert & Dee Jay

Dear Emma Rose, you probably know this in your own special way, but please know that there is a lot of love going around in all directions with this crazy family you have become such a part of. We know that you are in for a rough road ahead- certainly much much more than the rest of us. But please know that you are special to your parents. And those same parents are hoping for a miracle but not expecting one. And you will enjoy the love and affection of your parents, not just while you are with them, but for as long as they can love and feel love. And you may need to wait a little while for a renunion with them, but it is worth the wait. Love,

Al and Dee Jay

Thursday, March 5, 2009

From Meema & Da

Hi Emma. Tomorrow we are going for another ultrasound. It gives us a chance to see just what and how you are doing. I thought maybe it was time to tell you a little about your dad. He is an awesome guy. Things were not the greatest when he was born and he fought very hard for his place in life. He could so easily have gone the wrong way, but bottom line, he didn't and was looking for the place he knew he should be in. He worked at all kinds of jobs until he found the place where he belonged and now he is in a place where he can expand his talents and do the things he knows are right when he is ready to do it. He is such a special person. Just ask your brother Josh. Your dad is there for everything he needs. He loves your mom so much and wants everything to be just right for all of you. He's a strong guy. You should have been able to see him playing baseball, basketball and most specially soccer. Boy, he was an incredible soccer player. But, nothing compares to the father he became when Josh was born. I can't tell you enough how happy that has made me. When he found out about you, he was so happy and then when we found out that you were a gift from God to us and only on loan to us, he struggled but he began to understand and now he knows how special you are and how God gave you to us for such a short time but he knew that we would always be so special for the love we have for you and the short time we have to spend with you. You will always be a part of all of us. We feel you will be a guardian angel to all of us and know you will be will a part of all the ordinary and very special things that are a part of our family. We hope that we can live out the plans that God has for you and that you will be proud to say that "hey, that is my family, see how great they are. As you play in heaven and in God's arms, know that we are aware and are feeling your happiness. We already love you so much, Meema and Da