Sunday, May 3, 2009

From Aunt Jenny and Abby

Dear Emma,
Today you have your wings. Sweet little girl... I know your in a place where you will feel no pain. And while Jesus and God are rocking you to sleep tonight also know that there are many arms around you holding you just as tight. We will miss you so much. We have been so lucky to have this special time with you. We got to know you and learn and see your sweet and amazing little personality shine. We also felt your strength. You have been such a strong little girl who defied the odds and came home with a Mommy and Daddy and to a sister and brother who all love you so much. It hasn't been easy for you but you stayed as long as you could. We remain so proud of you little girl. You are so sweet, fragile and delicate yet you filled all of our lives with your presence. While you were here it seemed so natural and special, You have been such a good little girl... It has been easy to forget that we might not have another day with you. Now that you have gone there will be no forgetting. Your time here has made sure of that. God bless you little girl. You are our special star in heaven and they are lucky to have you there....

Love always, Aunt jenny and cousin Abby.