Friday, April 24, 2009

From Auntie Laurie

Hi Sweet Pea! I loved Meema's last post. It said it all. I too am sorry I dampened you with my tears. You didn't seem to mind. I even got a few smiles out of your beautiful self.
It hurts to see you struggling. It hurts to see your parents giving all the strength they can muster to be strong for you. It hurts knowing that the hugs and kisses you're getting from brother Joshua will not go on forever. It hurts knowing that one day i won't be able to cradle you in my arms and shower you with kisses. It hurts my heart in a way i could've never imagined was possible.
I long for understanding of this. Perhaps i just got a glimpse. As i'm typing this at work, with tears streaming down my face, the song "I can only imagine" came on. A song about meeting jesus. I believe with all my heart that god sends us messages.
Just remember what Auntie told you this morning....when you do meet God poke him for auntie with your long pointed index finger on your left hand. Auntie needs a good poke from God.
I love you with all of my heart! As always...endless smoochies & huggies!!
Auntie Laurie