Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From Auntie Laurie

hi sweet pea. auntie had a tough day today. i thought of you often. which i always do, but today may me sad. i always miss you too, but today i wanted you here. today was one of those days where i just can't stop the tears. words can't convey how much i long to see you. hold you. smell you. and most of all smother you with kisses. then cousin erin helped me a bit. you see she's been afraid of dying for a long time now. afraid that she never be alive on earth again. it really puts her into hysterics. we talk about it a lot. she had an episode the other night. so when i picked her up today from school she told me she had talked about you in religion class. sister rose asked if anyone had done anything they were really afraid too. she told sister she stood up in front of eveyone and read at your funeral. then she told me she had a revelation. that you were her guardian angel and her inspiration. if you were strong enough to leave and go to heaven, then she could be too. i feel and see you all around and know you are all of ours guardian angel.
smoochies and huggies and all of my love....
auntie laurie