Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My dearest Sweetpea...

it's been 3 monthes, but it feels like yesterday. when i close my eyes i can still feel you in my arms, taste your rosebud cheeks, smell your sweet scent, and hear your little baby noises. it still feels like i can look over and see you in the sunlight sitting in your spot on the table. oh how my heart aches to do all of the above. i, as would us all, would give anything to have you back. it's not the same without you. you should have been a 3 and a half month old at the beach with us. while i thank god for every day we spent with you, i can't help but be angry and wonder why. i love you my sweetpea and take comfort in the fact that you're not struggling anymore. smoochies and huggies and all of my love,
auntie laurie