Wednesday, June 3, 2009

From Aunt Jenny

Dear Emma

We think of you often and Miss you so much! It's hard to believe that you have been gone for a month now. Your cousin Abby still talks about you several times a week. She asked me where you were and I told her you were an angel in heaven now. She replied. "Up in the sky?" Now how did she know that? Sweet Emma she seems to talk about you most often after her naps. I think you visit her at those times. She also blesses you when we say our prayers.

You may be in heaven now sweet girl but you are forever in our hearts. We see you when ever we close our eyes. Your time here was so special and we will always have those special memories to cherish. Your spirit remains just as strong as it always was! What a mighty fighter you were and what a lasting impression you have made. I will echo your Aunti now sweet girl. How I ache to hold you again and kiss your sweet little face. Until I can I will hold you in my heart that is getting bigger each day with all of the kisses I am saving for you in it.

Love Aunt Jenny and cousin Abby